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Standard and Super Mighty Minis Schedule Updated

7th March 2006
The Standard and Super Mighty Minis Schedule has been updated with Croft being replaced by Silverstone on the 13th and 14th, and the next race at Donnington has become a double header. There are no changes to the Xtreme Mighty Minis schedule (so far!).

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Super Mighty Minis, The Pre-Season Preparation

3rd March 2006
This is the first in a short series of articles on what I am doing to be ready for the first race of the new 2006 season of Super Mighty Minis. Good question! So far in my career I have never made the first race of the season, but this does not mean that this year will be the same. However; read on.

You would think that having bought a racing mini used in the last season, in fact used in the last race of last season, that all I needed to do was to fill it with petrol and go. Not me though. When I got the mini back home I started a list of all the jobs to do and the parts to buy. When I reached 28 jobs I stopped before I threw myself under a bus in despair. However I pulled myself together and made a start.

Mighty Minis Boot Mighty Minis Interior

Firstly the bodywork needed some attention. A few deformed panels on the left hand side needed straightening. Probably the result of some mini to mini intimacy last season, well known in Mighty Minis Racing. So far I have re-fettled the door and the rear quarter. I just need to remove the fuel tank to get at the side panel from inside the boot. At the same time I will replace the plastic pipe on the tank which shows the fuel level. This has gone a pleasant yellow colour and it is hard to see anything through it. I will probably calibrate the level as well to help when re-fuelling for races. There are a few other dents to attend to. One in the top of the right hand front wing, probably the result of the clutch bell housing hitting the wing when installing the engine, a favourite for the mini connoisseur.

Mighty Minis Interior

The interior of the mini needed some tidying up and the floor gave the impression of a Swiss cheese with the evidence of many attachments and re-attachments of various item to the floor over the years which necessitated drilling an assortment of holes. Some of these I covered with the steel plate for the drivers seat, but the others I have filled with a variety of rubber grommets and black mastic. I hope this will keep the water out during wet racing. Having welded the plate on the drivers side I have now sprayed the interior a fetching colour of stealth black. Should make it nice and warm in the hot weather (summer, whatever that is). The seat frame is in place and the new reinforcing plates installed underneath the mini. They are 3mm thick mild steel and are 6x7cm to meet the prescribed 40 cm2 area. The harness bar from my old Mighty Mini is in place and the ring mounts for the harness are screwed into position.

The fire extinguisher arrived back from its annual service and re-charging at FEV, the Fire Extinguisher Valve Co Ltd. I have always found them most helpful and their clubman version is not too expensive to buy or maintain. They do a kit with all the bits you need to get going. The extinguisher is now mounted in the passenger side foot well and connected to the plumbed-in system. This year it is mandatory to have this type of system (see the MSA Blue Book reference). You must locate one nozzle in the engine bay, and I usually point this towards the injector body and fuel pipe connections. The other one is in the mini pointing towards the driver, presumably in case he spontaneously ignites (usually when overtaken on the last lap of the race). I will also install my trusty handheld extinguisher. I could not bear to see my pride and joy (the mini you fool) incinerated without putting up a fight.

Last weekend I went through the traditional Mini ritual of greasing the suspension, ball joints and trailing arms. A delightfully messy job, but deeply satisfying as you see the old manky grease extruded from the seals. The mini still has the original solid front discs and I am toying with the idea of changing them, job 19 on my list if I remember well. For the Super Mighty Minis drilled and slotted discs can be used (part number C-21A2612). More money from the piggy bank, though. The first Mighty Minis race is at Snetterton and there is some demon braking needed at the end of the long Revett Straight, before you turn into The Esses. I am not sure whether to change them before this, maybe we will see how it goes, or stops to be more accurate.

Mighty Minis Outside Mighty Minis Outside

The application for my Mighty Minis Racing membership has been sent off and I am waiting to see which race number I will be allocated. Over the years I have picked the same number as my age, but this year I have also included the number 7, a break with tradition not my second childhood. There are some, including my wife and family, who think I have not left my first one yet.

Well there is more to do this weekend but with the arctic conditions we are suffering I must admit I am not too enthusiastic about being outside. This is one time when I miss having a garage. I will give you the next instalment in a few days time.

Don’t forget If you have any questions about Mighty Minis Racing or anything else, e-mail me and I will try to help. For more help, better advice and misplaced humour register on The Pitlane for Mighty Mini Racing

Arctic Greetings from myself

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Photos from Mighty Minis 2005 Season

1st March 2006
I've just uploaded a small selection of photos from the Mighty Minis 2005 Season, inlcuding the very damp Rockingham race. You can find them in the Mighty Minis Galley. Take a look and don't forget to leave us a message in the Contact Us section!

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Mighty Minis, The End of an Era

24th February 2006
Well, four years have now passed and I have to move on. Regulations say four years and no more. It has been an interesting time, some lows, some very lows and some highs.

How did it all start? My first Mighty Minis race was just after the dinosaurs ruled the Earth. It was at brands Hatch in the Spring; and it started as it meant to go on; badly. We arrived at the circuit shrouded in fog. The Mighty Minis were first up to qualify. I had been to the drivers meeting where we were told that we had paid to drive on the black stuff and not the green bits around the outside, and back to the mini for my first outing. It was still foggy, and because the Marshals could not see between the posts on the circuit we spent three laps in a sedate queue following the pace car round. That was qualifying! It didn’t get much better in the race. The fog cleared and as I sat on the grid I realised I had not driven the circuit at racing speed at all, hmm.

The race started well, I didn’t crash or hit anyone on the first lap, then it all went wrong. The mini sounded like a tractor and would hardly get up the hill to Druids Bend; but I did finish! Why the agricultural impressions? The flywheel came loose on the crankshaft. The engine timing is controlled by the reluctor ring on the flywheel so I was getting wild changes in advance and retard on the sparks. Not a good recipe for engine efficiency.

After that the engine seemed to take great pleasure in winding me up. Every so often it would run on three cylinders and then just as mysteriously pull itself together and revert to the full compliment of four. Never found out the cause, I changed everything including my underwear but to no avail. Eventually solved it by changing the engine. That showed it who was the boss!

The last Mighty Minis season, 2005, was my best. Just to make sure I was not getting complacent Silverstone went badly when the gearbox got in on the act and threw a wobbly, cracked the bolt holes for the thrust bearing retainers and dumped the lot in the bottom of the sump. I finished the race, just, and the gears survived without visible damage. A new casing was required; supplied by Tim Harber of Mini Mail and stalwart of Mighty Minis racing. The man with the van with just the bits you need to repair your wounded mini.

There were magnificent races at brands Hatch on one of the hottest weekends of the summer with a paddock in a natural depression which collects the heat and roasts the drivers. A magnificent Min Festival with two good days of racing. Oulton Park, my first visit. A start from the pitlane and a mad drive to try and catch the rest of the field. Wonderful drivers circuit. Mallory Park, always a close race, but too close for some of the leaders. A moment at Gerrards saw several minis eliminated and the race stopped. No serious injuries. Snetterton a wonderful double header and the best racing I had. Mighty Minis has always been competitive from the front to the back of the grid. There was a group of four or five of us towards the back of the field, but positions changed regularly and much dicing. Always in a spirit of sportsmanship.

Rockingham; ah! Another story. Mighty Minis were relegated to the Siberia that is the outer paddock on a cold October day. This was strange as there was acres of space in the inner paddock. Perhaps we were using the wrong deodorant. Perhaps we should use any deodorant! Racing watched by a crowd of tens. Our first race was abandoned when Adrian Hollis rolled his mini into a crumpled ball at the chicane. For this bad behaviour we were relegated top the last race of the day; maybe. We did get a race. It started to rain as we were called from our exile in the paddock. In the gathering gloom we surfed our way down to turn one. It became clear that sooner or later it would all end in tears, again. On lap three or possibly four Steve Kirby parked his mini on its roof. More red flags and it was over. Can’t say I was too disappointed as I could not see a thing through the windscreen and was guessing my lines based on the view through the side windows. We all arrived back at the pits only to find all marshals had gone home! Arrivederci Rockingham.

The Old Racing Mini Goes

Photo Photo

Now it is 2006. A new year and a new mini. I agreed a PX with Phil Hetherington. Bought a Super Mighty Mini. A glorious yellow to match the Seat Leon tow car. The mini is in the old britax mini racing colours so it will stand out in the races. No hiding place for me when it goes cactus!

The New Racing Mini Arrives

Photo Photo

I have started to get the mini ready for the new season. Basic maintenance and tidying up the bodywork. I need to get my racing seat installed, but first to reinforce the floor. Minis were made using old baked bean tins so a seat bolted to the floor would pull out in a heavy impact to the detriment of the driver. So I have welded a steel plate to the floor and the frame will bolt through this and the floor. Being a shortarse I need the seat higher so square tube supports sit under the seat frames. A new harness was needed this year. Blue book regulations require FIA compliance and my old belts were out of date meaning more money gone from the piggy bank.

I have gone F1 this year as well. In a moment of sanity I invested in a HANS device and a new helmet. The old helmet also no longer MSA approved. I will look the DBs even if I am still at the back of the grid.

This weekend made a complete dogs dinner of the ignition switch whilst trying to remove the steering lock mechanism. MSA regs. say no steering locks presumably so you do not lock the steering in times of emotional stress during a race. Now need to rewire the ignition, drat!

If you have got this far let me congratulate you on your stamina. I will update you on the adventures of Team Benskin Racing Minis as the season progresses.

If you are interested e-mail me on the contact link, or click my name below. I will try to reply to all questions; except to the meaning of life, the universe and all that, the answer to which as we know is 42.

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New Benskin Racing Minis Website for Mighty Minis Racing

24th February 2006
Welcome to the brand new Benskin Racing Minis website. This website aims to be the number one source for Mighty Minis Racing news, schedules, standings and information.

For any regulars out there, you may have noticed that the menu has been moved to the top of the page. This has been done to provide a better browsing experience.

If you need any help getting into Mighty Minis Racing then please browse the site and you'll find everything you need! If you have any comments about the new site design, or want some further information about mighty minis racing, don't hesitate to get in contact right now! Simply click here on Contact Us. To all the Mighty Minis Racing competitors we would like to extend our best of luck for the approaching season!

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