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Croix Final Instructions are out

20th April 2006
The Final Instructions for Croix have been released on the BRSCC website, but you luckly people don't have to go searching round their site to find it, simply click on below to download the PDF

Croix Final Instructions (you may need to allow popups for the window to show)

They might still be accepting late entries to the Supers (only currently 4 on the grid!) so get your entries in now!

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More Snetterton Photos

20th April 2006
I've finally got round to uploading my own photos for snetterton, many of which taken by my fiancee Lisa

Take a look by clicking on the Gallery

Any comments, please feel free to drop us a line by clicking on Contact Us

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Snetterton Photos

12th April 2006
The photos from Snetterton last sunday (9th April) are now up, go check them out here

If anyone would like us to take some photos of your car during the race, we would be glad to, simply click on Contact Us or click in the navigation at the top of the page, and tell us your name, car number and any other information

We also welcome any other comments on the photos, website or car, thanks!

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First Team Report

10th April 2006
Go to the Reports section for the report on the first race of the yeat for Mighty Minis. Get the news before Autosport! Pictures to follow soon.

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The First Race Approaches

1st April 2006
When I left you last time the Super Mighty Mini was jacked up and the greasing ritual was in progress. Driver was risking frostbite to get the basic servicing done. Now the seat is in and the harness installed. I hope I have got the position right. This year I have added the side head restraint for added protection in case of unfortunate incidents.

Photo Photo

Membership of the Mighty Minis has come through and we have the racing number 57. Sticky numbers have been purchased along with white self adhesive film for the required backing (the latter courtesey of Homebase) . These need to be stuck on to the car, but this requires some dry weather.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks. I decided that a test of the new car would be a good idea. So far I had only driven it sitting on an old tyre when loading it and removing it from the trailer, and moving it around the drive at home. Probably not the best preparation for my first race. A test would be appropriate. A morning at Mallory Park was the solution so off up the M40 on a cool damp morning.

Everyone seemed to have the same idea so the morning session for cars was pretty busy. Normally the sessions are divided between the saloons and the single seaters with three half hour sessions for each. A tentative first few laps were made to get the feel of the car and the Yokohama A048R tyres. These are a semi race tyre and different to the A539s used in the Class A Mighty Minis. It was quite exciting as there were a number of quick cars there and you needed to watch the mirrors carefully as various individuals passed you on either side and sometimes both at the same time.

The weather did improve and the track dried out later on. Great fun, and I started to get the feel of the car. It is looking good, but I still need to add the numbers and some of the championship decals. There are a few more jobs to be done, an oil change, fix the wipers so that they work on demand rather than when the mood takes them, get the indicators to work on both sides rather than just the left and fix the ignition switch more securely ( I will explain this somewhat embarrasing incident at a later date).

Photo Photo

Now the moment of truth is arriving. Entry for the first race has been accepted. This is Snetterton on the 8th and 9th of April. Norfolk at this time of the year can be exciting. I have seen good weather and I have seen horizontal sleet. In this part of the country there is not much between us and the Urals ( the mountains in Russia, as you well know). The circuit is interesting and there are some fast straights and tricky corners. Last year I had on of my most enjoyable races so I am looking forward to this meeting.

I have heard that there may be TV cameras at the meeting (Motors TV?) so we will have to put on a good show. So far there are only five entries for the Super Mighty Minis, but there is always a late rush of entries and this should easily double. The Standard Mighty Minis already have 18 entries and of these seven are new members. Looking good for 2006!

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