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Mallory Photos, and New Photo Gallery!

4th July 2006
I've just uploaded the best of the photos from Camera 1 at Mallory Park last weekend, Camera 2 to follow soon.

The weather was fantastic all day, and the racing was some of the closest we've ever seen. There were constant changing of positions, and some near incidents, but everyone behaved themselves.

I've also updated the Photo Gallery to use a nice new image viewing system. Any problems please Contact Us as soon as possible so we can fix it.

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Racing This Weekend

30th June 2006
The Mighty Minis and the Supers will be at Mallory Park on Sunday (2nd July). This is a compact and friendly circuit. Viewing is good and a spot at the hairpin is a good choice for the photographers.

The weather is looking like a warm and sunny day. Well worth a day out for the family. More excitement than you will get at Indianapolis and not so far to go.

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Donington Mini Festival Photos Online

28th June 2006
Good morning everyone!

Just to let you all know i've uploaded a selection of the best photos from the Mini Festival at Donington Park recently. It was an overcast day, and threatened to pour down towards the end of the day, but a great time was had by all. There was some extremely close racing, and the width of the track even allowed for 4 cars abreast at some points! Kudos to Craig Rogers for an excellent return to the Super Mighty Minis. The championship table will be updated soon, keep checking back for further updates, and hopefully a race report

Mini Festival at Donington Park

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Mighty Minis at Donington

15th June 2006
This coming Sunday 18th June is a big day. There is the Mini Festival at the Donington Park circuit near Derby. The Mighty Minis, Super Mighty Minis and Xtreme Mighty Minis will be there. There are double header races and it looks like a big turnout by the competitors. On top of that there is the Fastest Mini In The World competition.

This is well worth a day out and you can get a good view of the proceedings from the circuit infield.

Take a look at the timetable at:

Donington Park

BRMinis are going to be there. After a successful test at Mallory Park yesterday the driver is quietly confident (but what he is confident about is a secret).

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30th May 2006
The Standard, Super and Xtreme Mighty Minis Championship table has been updated from the Silverstone race.

Yes you have read it correctly, the Xtremes HAVE had a race! As before, please let me know if anything is wrong with the table by clicking on Contact Us

The BRMinis team is really looking forward to the fantastic Donnington Mini Racing festival, and hope to see everyone there after a long absence!

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